Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fishing on Morrison Lake

One of our other summer adventures was when we took Grandpa Fleck's bass boat out for fishing on Morrison Lake. No fish were caught, but we had a good time together as a family.

Olivia ready to head out on her first boat adventure!

Luckily there was a fishing pole just Olivia's size and Papa had a worm for her hook.
I think Mama did more "fishing" with the little pole than Olivia did, but it was more about being together than actually catching something.

Olivia "driving" Grandpa's boat.
We were just drifting, but Olivia thought it was fun.

Papa helping Olivia fish with his fishing pole.

Mama and Olivia hanging out.
What a cheese ball!
Hopefully we will get to take Grandpa's boat out again.
Maybe Olivia will actually do some fishing next time!


Jackie said...

When we take the kids fishing it is usually more about the snacks!